Kyoto Protocol Analysis
Subsequent COP have been held in Berlin (1995), Geneva (1996), Kyoto (1997), Buenos Aires (1998), Bonn (1999) and Hague (2000) and Marrakech (2001). These accords have dealt with a variety of issues that are important to all nations or specific ones who take issue with some of the Kyoto Protocol’s regulations. George W. Bush, being elected president between the Hague and Bonn accords, immediately announced that he “had no intention of ratifying the Kyoto Protocol” (History 2). This threw the climate control regime into disarray and doubt. This is because the Kyoto Protocol will only be enforceable after it has been ratified by at least 55 members of the U. N. Framework Convention on Climate Control (History 2). This includes the U. S., a country that is responsible for 36% of the 55% of total carbon dioxide emissions accumulating from developed nations (History 2).

After some technical issues were resolved at the Marrakech accords in 2001, the Buenos Aires Plan of Action were brought to completion. This opens the possibilities for more countries to ratify the Protocol, giving it the power to enforce its provisions. However, without ratification of the Protocol by nearly all developed countries it is unlikely it will be adopted. After 55 countries ratify the Protocol, it will enter force 90 days later.

There debate over global warming continues to occur,

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