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Jobs in Saudi Arabia by Al-Musbah Group ...

The division is treated as a separate company and it have grown to an extend that it has another company with its own staff under it. There is one general manger that is responsible of all the activities of the division in terms of purchasing, marketing the products, etc. This manager has his own management team in every city they operate in to report for him. The division operates the same way in three other countries (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Egypt). Also from the division they have a sub division that exports products to different countries of the world such as (Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, and Libya). In terms of products they have expanded to different categories of mass market perfumes in terms of price ($1 to $15), also the division have expanded to sell other type of products such as cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, gel, disposable lighters, etc using its distribution channels.

Diagnosis is a systematic approach to understanding and describing the present state of an organization. With this type of project the type of data that will be collected are qualitative. I will set a close meeting with the general manager of the wholesale division. I will ask him to detail me the whole process of operations in the division. I will also set a meeting with the purchasing department and the sales force of the wholesale division. I will look how strong the coordination between the purchasing and the sales department. As it is known week coordination could result too many unwanted results. Such as sales people loosing motivation of selling products that they do not believe in. I will also look on how the division does its planning in terms of:

Who makes the decision on what product to get?

When do you get a new product? (is there a season when you get a product)

At what inventory level do you start reordering?

What criteria helps on deciding if a product should be reordered or not?

What quantity do you order of a...

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