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Jobs in Saudi Arabia by Al-Musbah Group ...

Role of the consultant: I as the external consultant have the authority to request any kind of reports from the wholesale division. I also have the right to attend any of the meetings that are already structured. I also have the right to structure any meeting with the division when ever I see important.

Anticipated results: A strong inventory control system.

Summary of the wholesale Division:

This is the bread and butter of the company. When the company first started and before it diversifies and grows selling perfumes in bulks (in dozens) was its mission. When the company first started it sold only mass perfume products (perfumes that range in price from $1 to $4 per piece). All the perfumes were manufactured in the United Kingdom and imported to Saudi Arabia and then sold through the four wholesale shops that were in the four main cities in Saudi. Almusbah was the agent for all of the products that it imported, in fact the products were manufactured especially for the company and it wasnít sold to anyone but Almusbah.

In the late 80ís more manufacturers of mass perfume products especially from France were coming to the world. The owner of Almusbah recognized this growth in the industry and it was immediately known that competition would be growing rapidly. The strategy was to try to be the exclusive agent of as many of these manufacturers as possible so not to let competition i


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