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Examination on The Individual & the State's Relationship

Now Bradley's community (or state) is presumed to be permeated with good will. Expressions of individuality that conflict with that good will are instances of bad will, when the moral individual should be content or "at peace with reality" as it is found in the community, and even though "good will in the world realizes itself by and in imperfect instruments, and in spite of them" (118-119). By "intuitive subsumption, which does not know that it is a subsumption" (131), people know how to act because they have received values from the presupposition of "the morality of the community as its basis, and [] subject to the approval thereof" (133).

Having stated and restated this argument in various ways, Bradley proceeds to state that, well, actually, in the real world there is a difference between "ought" and "is" (137), that the community "may be in a confused or rotten condition, so that in it right and might do not always go together" (138). Meanwhile, there is a universally felt contradiction between the reality of the world and individual experience of the world. The ideal self absorbed by the moral community "is not realized in us, in any way that we can see" (Bradley 144).

We are aware of a ceaseless process, it is well I we can add progress, in which the false private self is constantly subdued but never disappears. An it never can disappear--we are never realized. The contradiction remains; and no to feel it demands something lower or something higher than a moral point of view (Bradley 144).

Having cited the disconnect between the reality of imperfect community and the reality of self imperfectly integrated with it, Bradley articulates the need to balance right with responsibility (duty), both being necessary to the concept of the good and to affirmation of the moral universe, which indeed would not exist without both. Nevertheless, Bradley specifically says that the state is entitled to expect that citizens will do duty to...

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