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We also see how race, ethnicity, gender and class all combined to influence individual development, presenting such barriers to individuals as they try to mature into young adulthood while developing resiliency that enabled them to cope with life challenges and stresses. As Werner (1989) maintains, her studies demonstrate “an explanation of development that stresses the role that the social context plays in development, as well as the flexibility of the human organism to these circumstances of growth,” (R203). In Antwone Fisher, we see a number of risk factors that have prevented him from finding happiness and fulfillment as an adult. In fact, Antwone cannot cope with anger or stress. When he is confronted with them he resorts to violent outburst and fistfights. Ordered to see a navy psychiatrist due to this problem of coping, Antwone tells him he fights because that’s the only way some people learn. Dr. Davenport tells him, “But you pay the price for teaching them,” (Washington 2002).

Antwone had a variety of risk factors in his life, including abandonment by his mother, the death of his father, and the death of his closest friend who resorted to crime. Antwone also suffered from an abusive culture in a foster home. However, despite all these risk factors that put him more at risk for developing developmental issues, Antwone eventually gr

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