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Lily's Eyes

The brother’s performance was good because the tones of his tenor voice were perfectly suited to a man who is also experiencing a loss and recognizing the rediscovery of love and life in Mary’s eyes. It is perfect, because, lighter than the baritone of Archibald it is more accurate of a man’s sense of loss who has only loved a woman from afar. His loss is not as great as Archibald’s, who is much more forlorn and more deeply affected than Neville. This tone distinction is also good for enhancing the fact that Neville’s loss is not felt as deeply because he coveted Lily as a material object, as he covets the possessions of others. It is not the profound, genuine loss felt by Archibald.

The second half of the song was more moving to me because the rhythm seemed to pick up. This may be due to the lyrics and their structure within the song. In the beginning Neville and Archibald sing stanzas that are much longer than they do in the second half of the song. In Neville’s second stanza he sang eleven lines to Archibald’s nine. However, as the song progresses they singing alternates more rapidly between the men because they only sing one or two lines before the exchange. This helps to mirror the mood of the piece and the environment. Archibald and Neville have a storm of emotions brewing within them as they do between one another. In addition, the storm rages in the background during this scene in the play and the rapid excha


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