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Technology is a hot national occupational trend and it is no different in Long Island. Many regions admire the success of the Northwest region for its rapid development from the influence of the heavily condensed technology industry. Long Island is seen as located advantageously since it is close to New York City and, not only do these types of jobs promise a salary of $50,000 and up, but there is a heavy concentration of these types of businesses in the area, “Graphic communications emerged as one of the strongest industries…A cluster of 700 small and medium-sized companies creating images for magazine ads, producing pictures for cereal boxes, positioning companies on the Internet and designing digital images for CD-ROMs” (Cooper, et. al, 1995: 1).

National trends in the health care industry have also shaped Long Island to take advantage in the biotechnology industry. While in the initial stages of its development, the biotechnology industry promises to have the potential to create an economic boon in the future. Even though the Long Island biotechnology industry employs less than 3,000 people, it represents the nation’s fourth largest biotechnology industry according to the Long Island Association and it was fueled from the burgeoning U.S. health care industry. While a lot of money is spent on research and development and it can take years to get a product on the market due to FDA requirements and stringent regulations, one big biotech product can pay for its R&D costs and those of many failures. Further making this a hot occupational trend is the fact that working in the biotech industry also accompanies some of the fattest paychecks to be had in today’s employment market, “The industry has among the highest-pay potentials of any. Entry-level research associates earn $25,000 to $55,000, according to the New York Biotech Association, and scientists make as much as $88,000” (Cooper, et. al, 1995: 2).

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