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Long Island Occupation Trends

Regional trends tend to move fast while national ones are slower. If we look at the jobs predicted to be the hottest in the Northeast, it is easier to get an understanding of why some occupations are sizzling in Long Island and why others are not. In the Northeast region, “Growth will remain sluggish, but the record stock market plus mergers and restructuring among hospitals, banks and telecommunications firms will help. Hot Jobs: Stockholders, financial analysts, research scientists, chemists, engineers, film directors and producers” (Hube, 1996: 3). However, many other occupational trends are hot in Long Island, and all of them can be traced to one trend or another that is national.

In the recent past, Long Island has been losing net jobs each year as manufacturing has continued to decline in the area, with the biggest losses aside from this industry coming in construction, airlines, real estate development and managerial support services (to be expected since many companies have down-sized a move that has eliminated many middle-managers). Labor Department analysts predict the largest decline in jobs to be among laborers, operators and fabricators. In Long Island this trend is expected to be even more devastating because of the predominance of manufacturing in the area, “That group comprised 14% of the total national workforce in


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