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Central Role of Unite Nations

In the General Assembly, each Member State has one vote. Some decisions, especially those on key issues like international peace and security, admitting new members and the UN budget require a two-thirds majority to pass. Other matters require only a simple majority ( 'How the UN works').

At its 2001/2002 session, the General Assembly considered more than 180 different topics, including globalization, AIDS, conflict in Africa, protection of the environment and consolidation of new democracies. The UN Charter prohibits the Assembly from forcing action by States, but UN recommendations are an indication of world opinion and many nations consider decisions rendered by the UN to be the moral compass of the world arena ( 'How the UN works').

The General Assembly typically holds its annual regular session from September to December. When necessary, it may resume its session or hold a special or emergency session on subjects of particular concern at other times. When the Assembly is not meeting, the six main committees other subsidiary bodies and the UN Secretariat carries out its work ( 'How the UN works').

The UN Security Council is the main peacekeeping arm of the UN. The UN Charter expressly marks the Security Council for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security. The Council is made up of 15 Member States. Five of these û China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States û are permanent members. The General Assembly elects the remaining 10 members every two years; however, Member States are considering making changes to the Council membership and 'working to reflect today's political and economic realities' ( 'How the UN works'). There are no restrictions as to when the Council may convene. Anytime peace is threatened, the Council is called together ( 'How the UN works').

Council decisions require nine out of fifteen votes to pass, with th...

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