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Local Crisis Analysis

All of the above publics are either directly or indirectly affected by the increase in crime in the West End. The police department has come under attack from residents, the media, and community and city councils for failing to provide enough protection for West End residents. The Cincinnati police department is also under fire for failing to curb the ongoing prostitution and drug dealing in the neighborhood that leads to such criminal activities. The main victims are the residents who live in the West End. In order to open communication with residents, city and community councils, and the media, the police department has organized a series of safety summits in various local organizations like neighborhood churches and businesses. Such summits are intended to establish better communication between West End officials, businesspeople, and residents while also devising new strategies to deal more effectively with the crisis.

The monthly safety summits sponsored by the Cincinnati police department are aimed at exploring crime trends in the community and strategies to address crime, including both long- and shirt-term solutions, (Aldridge 1). The safety summits are typically held at community churches and businesses. The participants include residents like Mary Lockett


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