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Locan Problem Analysis

The safety summits are typically held at community churches and businesses. The participants include residents like Mary Lockett, city and community council members, business owners, and local police. These meetings have resulted in a number of proposed short- and long-term strategies to help resolve in increase in criminal activity in the West End. For example, residents argue that law enforcement officials need to be more aggressive in their policing and provide “quicker response to community needs,” (Aldridge 1). Business owners and council members proposed offering tax incentives to neighborhood businesses in the West End in order to create jobs and offer training for West End youth. On an individual level, residents like Mary Lockett were provided with an alarm system for her residence by law enforcement officials who also apprehended one individual suspected in the multiple burglaries that have occurred at her home. The safety summits are also part of an ongoing long-term resolution to the problem, offering greater communication among all those indirectly or directly impacted by the increase in crime.

Communication during the crisis occurs through the safety summit meetings on a monthly basis. The police department is responsible for communicating with residents, the media, city and community councils, and local business owners. The monthly safety meetings are the main forum for communication both during and after the crisis. The main message the police department public needs to communicate is that more aggressive policing and faster response to community needs will be forthcoming from law enforcement officials. Police also need to communicate to city and council members what strategies and plans they are going to implement in the short- and long-term to help resolve the increase in criminal activity in the West End. They also need to inform the media of exactly what measures are being implemented to increase t...

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