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Rapid Growth of Information Technology

Successful DSS has usually been used with well-defined projects of a limited time duration, so the results have turned out well (Kamel 772-773). However, it is a different matter in the case of implements socioeconomic infrastructure because the scenario is always changing, there are multiple stages at which decisions have to be made, decisions are being made in many different departments at once, and this makes the situation much more complicated. In this case, decisions are often a long drawn out process, information put into the system is less clear cut, much of it being qualitative rather than quantitative, and is usually verbal or poorly recorded. There is an information overload, with multiple conflicting points of view, and the formation of strategic decisions is an evolving process with the support for them difficult to predict.

Because information technology is new to people in developing countries, they do not always trust it, and prefer to rely on the old ways (Kamel 773). Also, DSS systems are soft technologies, dependent on non-technical factors such as problem orientation, the approach to system design, and the systems analyst who, in this case, works as a process consultant and not a problem solver. The Executive Information System (EIS) has been applied by some government in public sector organizations to aid government executives in decision-making and it was used in the GIDSC case. In this case, it allowed executives to gain more access to information in less time and with less effort by using advanced technologies which extract information, and by using analytical techniques.

EIS can be used in servicing debt, dissatisfaction with existing reporting systems, and for improving quality or increasing revenues (Kamel 773). It consists of the interaction of people, procedures, information and technology (hardware and software). In the case of GIDSC, the people element was most important, with the managers an...

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