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The Outreach Programs to Bring Souls for Christ

This signaled the Church's awareness of its duty to evangelize to its many members who had distanced themselves from the Church. But if it is the Church's duty to evangelize, it can have no stronger mission than to reach out to members within its own midst who do not fully and completely adhere to the tenets of Catholic faith.

Thus, the Bishops' Go and Make Disciples was really the culmination of the Church looking inward and realizing the importance of evangelizing to its own members who have distanced themselves from the Church. In it they explained the importance of reaching out to inactive Catholics:

We want to let our inactive brothers and sisters know that they always have a place in the Church and that we are hurt by their absence as they are. We want to show our regret for any misunderstandings or mistreatment. And we want to help them see that, however they feel about the Church, we want to talk with them, share with them and accept them as brothers and sisters. Every Catholic can be a minister of welcome, reconciliation, and understanding to those who have stopped practicing their faith.

In particular, Bishop Michael Saltarelli noted that these inactive Catholics 'are our sons and daughters, our spouses, our extended families, our neighbors and friends, the woman or man who works in the desk across from us û each of them a brother or sister in Christ.' Thus, Saltarelli encourages practicing Catholics to remember their obligation 'to be signs of hope and gentle invitation to our inactive brothers and sisters.'

Therefore, the duty to evangelize to inactive Catholics is an inherent duty of anyone who adheres to the tenets of Catholicism. Inactive Catholics are brothers and sisters in faith to whom outreach efforts must be made according to the example set by Jesus Christ. But a recent social research study and another papal announcement also suggest a more practical and political reason behind the Catholic C...

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