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Jewish Contributions in the America Civil War Thi

 Approximately 9,000 Union troops claimed Judaism as their religion, as did approximately 2,000 Confederate troops. Most of the Jewish Union soldiers were of German descent, their families arriving in the United States during the 1830s and 1840s. Moreover, most of them resided in Illinois and Ohio and served in the units raised in those states.

Among the Jewish community leaders in the United States, there was some discussion as to advocating the raising of all-Jewish units in the Union Army. The feeling was that Jewish soldiers would be more effective if they served in units which paid attention to the needs of Jewish soldiers for distinct food and Jewish religious services. Such was the custom of the European armies during the Napoleonic Wars and Dutch Jewish units fought with some distinction at the Battle of Waterloo. However, it was felt that such organization would be impracticable in the Union Army, given the vast expanse of the country and the practice of raising regiments from local populations. Moreover, most Jewish soldiers did not want to bring too much attention to their religious background or segregate themselves from Christian soldiers.

Jewish-owned firms also played an important part in the war effort. In particular, the Cincinnati firm of Mack, Stadler & Glazer became one of the prime contractors for su


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