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Controversial Issues in Educational Psychology

Several quite different programs or policies go under this heading" (p. 4). Generally, ability grouping implies an effort towards reducing heterogeneity (usually of achievement rather than aptitude). However, the various organizational grouping plans certainly impact the results and may cloud their interpretations, given that the variables considered are key elements in the dynamics of the group and in the ability of the individual member to learn.

Ability Grouped Class Assignment is a method which groups students according to their ability or achievement to one self-contained class. Ability and achievement are rather easy to measure, which may be why it is the preferred mode of organization.

Curriculum tracking is more likely to be found at secondary level, such as vocational schools and schools for the gifted. It is popular in Germany, where highly skilled and gifted students graduate to the gymnasium on the way to university, less highly skilled students to the realschule, and vocational students to the hauptschule.

Regrouping for Reading and Mathematics (a.k.a. Ability Grouping for Selected Subjects). In this configuration, students are often assigned to heterogeneous homeroom classes for part or most of the day, to be "regrouped" according to achievement levels for one or more subjects. In elementary schools, the emphasis, of course, is on reading and mathematics. When regrouping for reading, this may be done across grade-levels and may then be called the Joplin Plan (Floyd, 1954)--which we shall see later in this paper.

Nongraded Plans (a.k.a. Ungraded Plans) refer to a variety of related grouping plans. In its original conception, nongraded plans were ones in which grade-level designations were entirely removed, and students were placed in flexible groups according to their performance levels rather than their chronological age. A full-scale ungraded plan might use team-teaching, individualized instruction, learning ...

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