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War on Drugs in Colombia and Peru

A total of $80 million was used to build two facilities for the air surveillance program in Peru. The CIA surveillance program provides intelligence to help Peruvians shoot down traffickers. The CIA also maintains several Citation planes in Peru. Contract CIA employees man these planes and work directly with Peruvian Air Force pilots in the surveillance effort.

In 2002, the United States and Peru signed an anti-drug agreement under which Washington agreed to provide Lima with $300 million to further Peru's anti-drug efforts (Peru, U.S. sign , 2002). The money will be provided on an annual basis over the course of the next five years through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Funds managed by USAID will mostly be spent on improving the health of people living in the drug producing areas where cocoa is a primary crop. The U.S. government also committed itself in the agreement to supporting Peruvian communities that make measurable achievements in eradicating cocoa-leaf plantations (Peru, U.S. sign , 2002).

This agreement was the first of its kind. It directly finances agricultural shifts to eliminate cocoa-leaf cultivation. Simultaneously, the United States is using a satellite tracking system to assist Peru, Colombia, and other Latin American countries in identifying cocoa fields. Under the rubric of Plan Colombia, Peru is being assisted in its efforts to close down the cocaine operations of the Shining Path guerrillas (Spectres stir in Peru, 2002).

Though the Peruvian government has suspended its air interdiction activities since the U.S. missionary plane, the government wants to restart the air interdiction effort in order to support its agricultural shift efforts. The U.S. Congress tripled anti-drug aid for Peru in 2002, increasing the overall aid package to $156 million, including $30 million to upgrade Peruvian police helicopters and $80 million for alternative economic developmen...

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