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The basic Approach to the Knowledge of Sex Education

The approach to knowledge utilized by James Buie, writer of the article, is that of assumed consensus. Buie starts with the proposition that teenage pregnancy is exploding in "epidemic" proportions, a starting point that he does not seek to defend, but assumes that his reading public finds acceptable. From that foundation, the author then treats the "epidemic" in medical terms, advocating massive dosages of treatment to arrest the crisis.

Buie uses this approach to knowledge because his article is an advocacy piece, not an analysis nor an observed journalistic article. As an advocate for expanding sex education, Buie does not have time for dealing with counter-arguments - that can be left to other to debate - rather, his interest lies in presenting a clear and direct proposal for solution to the problem of rising teen pregnancy rates.

Noted above, the article was not a research study; its limitations are obvious and undeceptive: useful for planning, but does not supply data for analysis of the problem.

In "Teen Pregnancy: It's Time for the Schools to Tackle the Problem," author James Buie addresses the specific audience of the Phi Delta Kappan, that is, a limited-but-influential group of education professionals. In so directing his article, Buie has the advantage of writing to an audience already familiar with the issue. Also, a presumption based upon the nature of the article itself, one must conclude that Buie's intended audience is already in agreement with his general belief: that schools can and should "tackle" social problems.

Buie's article begins with the stated proposition that there is a societal ill identified: an "epidemic" of teenage pregnancy. The article being short and uncritical of that basic proposition, there is no differentiation among the causes of teen pregnancy, socio-economic variations, nor regional characteristics. As a matter of course, however, Buie identifies the major weakness in current ...

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