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The Approach to Education; Pragmatism

71-72). Or as James(2000) said,"to try to interpret each notion by tracing its respective practical consequences"(p. 82). Thus, the purpose of group interaction in the educational setting was organization and determination of knowledge's usefulness as it related to practical everyday applications and reality.

In summary then, the conceptual core of pragmatism is a metaphysics of experience. Epistemologically, the approach held that no truth was absolute but rather was determined by purpose or function and that knowledge was arrived at by scientific methods such as experience and observation. Moreover, the pragmatic philosophy held that knowledge was never conclusive; what mattered was what worked.

Taken together, the notions of James and Dewey comprised the general philosophical approach and the pragmatic method of teaching. As applied to education, pragmatism can be characterized as an educational perspective in which schools are viewed as existing in order to give students the notion of purpose. By looking at situations pragmatically, students in progressive schools learn to question the truth of the material and/or information provided. Through this process they followed their impulses, and the teacher (taking advantage of the occasion for the impulse) guided the student to purpose. Purpose, in turn, was what filtered a student's decision to place value on the information provided.

The foregoing examined the application of pragmatism to education from a conceptual or theoretical framework. The next section of the paper takes a more detailed look at the actual practices, processes and methods associated with the application of the pragmatic philosophy to education.

Educational Applications: Practice, Process and Methods

According to Null (2000, pp. 43-51), in the modern classroom, pragmatism has come to refer to the use of democratic methods by the teacher and the conceptualization of the classroom as a community o...

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