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Life With and Without

Two years earlier these same MBA candidates held different views about a company’s priorities: customer satisfaction (75%); shareholder value (68%); and quality goods and services (43%), (Schneider 12).

One can readily see that even at the top business schools the MBA candidate has their values changed and not necessarily for the better. Despite high levels of customer service and satisfaction being proved as essential for customer loyalty and competitive advantage, MBA candidates find the production of quality goods and services and customer service to be secondary priorities to increasing shareholder value. They seem even less concerned with the environment or creating value in their communities. It is this kind of mentality that gives a negative name to management and companies when those in possession of MBAs put profits ahead of all else.

D) Disadvantages of NOT having an MBA

The main disadvantages of not having an MBA are limited career advancement, restricted salary potential, and fewer networking opportunities. It is unlikely that if a company has no reservations about hiring MBAs (i.e. cost, attitude, and values) that a top management position would be awarded to a candidate who does not have one. So, too, it is unlikely that the salary paid to a non-MBA would be anywhere near that paid to an MBA in the position. There is ample evidence in the literature that despite its cost in terms of money and time, those acquiring an MBA immediately increase their salary potential, “surveys suggest graduates see a pay rise of as much as 80 percent of pre-MBA income” (Johnson 04).

There are other disadvantages to not having an MBA. Though many companies say proper experience can qualify a potential employee as much as an MBA, evidence supports the fact that MBAs are generally viewed as more desirable by employers than non-MBAs. As Peter Rafferty, direction of International Business Development, notes, “Touted as th...

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