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Warren Minor Christopher

As former CBS correspondent and long-time friend Robert Pierpoint points out, "He felt discriminated against because he was poor, and to this day remembers those who discriminated against him. He wasn't a member of the Establishment in the high school. And to this day he feels a certain kinship to people who are treated as second-class citizens because of their poverty or their race'" (Scheer, 1993, p. 22).

Christopher has displayed another character trait, besides shyness, since an early age: charm. At the University of Redlands, which he attended on scholarship, he was a leading member of the debate team and was elected editor of the school paper as well as president of the sophomore class. Pierpoint's wife, his classmate and also member of the Redlands debating squad, recalls clearly, "'He had a quiet magnetism. He didn't have to go out looking for it; it just came looking for him" (Scheer, 1993, p. 22).

Christopher obtained his law degree at Stanford University after a brief stint as a Navy officer in the Pacific theater towards the very end of WWII. At Stanford Christopher started wearing the dual threads which have since characterized his career: a pursuit of power and social position which would lead him away from the hardships of his early youth and a clear sense of liberal social values. As eager and indefatigable first editor of the Law Review, he came in contact with Fred Dutton, future aide to Robert F.Kennedy and no a Washington lobbyist. dutton, the most liberal editor of the Law Review, as chief of staff for California Governor Edmund (Pat) Brown, introduced Christopher into the inner circle of the Administration. At the same time, the Law Review was strongly committed to minority rights.

Christopher also worked as a clerk for William 0. Douglas, the legendary civil libertarian on the Supreme Court. Douglas was very impressed with him and years later recommended him to Pat Brown for a seat on the Calif...

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