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Microsoft Ethics

S. Attorney General Janet Reno, who commented that the ruling will “have a profound impact, not only by promoting competition in the software industry, but also by reaffirming the importance of antitrust law enforcement in the 21st century” (Brinkley 3). Yet, there is little evidence that Microsoft has acted unethically. What they did was correctly anticipate the future needs of computer users and the impact of the Internet on operating systems. However, competitors argue that Microsoft has an unfair advantage because they penalize those who refuse to offer Windows in an unalterable form. The company allegedly bullies and coerces others in the industry because of its significant power, influence and dominance. However, this influence and dominance have been won through hard work, innovation and marketing savvy. In fact, consumers may be better off with Windows monopoly when it comes to operating systems. As one technology expert comments, “If the government’s plan works as intended, consumers might also begin to see alternate operating systems on sale that are competitive with Windows. If that occurs, the broad compatibility among personal computers that exists today may begin to erode” (Brinkley 5).

Recently, Bill Gates made his close friend Steven A. Ballmer the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. Ballmer is now faced with a daunting list of challenges, including the DOJ ruling, the highly competitive and revitalized software industry, r


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