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The Importance of Microsoft Ethics

As one technology expert comments, “If the government’s plan works as intended, consumers might also begin to see alternate operating systems on sale that are competitive with Windows. If that occurs, the broad compatibility among personal computers that exists today may begin to erode” (Brinkley 5).

Recently, Bill Gates made his close friend Steven A. Ballmer the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. Ballmer is now faced with a daunting list of challenges, including the DOJ ruling, the highly competitive and revitalized software industry, recruiting obstacles and the development of new businesses. However, Ballmer insists that while the government and competitors argue about Microsoft’s unfair tactics, consumers prefer things how they are and have come to trust Microsoft and its products. While in the U.K. during the DOJ ruling, Ballmer relates “I had a customer turn to me tonight and say: ‘Did you tell them there are a bunch of U.K. customers that would be very disappointed if it’s implemented? That there’s a bunch of us who really want your stuff to be integrated?’” (Markoff 2).

The ruling by the DOJ will break Microsoft into two competing companies. One will manufacture and develop Windows operating systems. The other one will make the software applications that the operating system uses, in addition to Microsoft hardware. However, the ruling also provided a laundry list of restrictions that are to be imposed on the company’s operating practices. For example, the two new companies must have separate employees, assets and stock. Anyone who owns stock in one cannot own stock in another in the government’s attempt to create a firewall between the two companies. Some of the restrictions are intended to directly address unfair practices the government believes Microsoft has adopted in the past, like the following “One company cannot provide the other with any technical information that is not ...

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