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Minority Officers

In light of growing community discontent among minorities who view racial profiling, police brutality, and racism among law enforcement officer tactics, police departments across the nation have stepped up efforts to recruit and hire more minority officers as one method of helping resolve this discontent. In the Mid-West, there is a rolling program in operation whose goal is to see an additional 500 minority officers hired in the region (Drive 5). As one police chief notes about the operation “Today 30% of new recruits are female and police are working towards having 1,200 officers representing ethnic minorities over the next decade” (Drive 5).

In Birmingham, Alabama, there is a large proportion of the population represented by Chinese Americans. At the present time there are only two Chinese police officers on the force, but the department has implemented a program designed to hire more minority officers to better represent the diversity of the community. As one human resources officer noted “The force is continually working hard to create a police service that reflects our ever more diverse society” (Cowan 12). Other police departments across the nation are following suit in a recruitment effort they hope will help resolve growing community tensions over racial issues and policing. In two communities in the Mid-West recruiting efforts have achieved a policing force that is composed of approximately 5% of minorities “Nearly fiv


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