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John L. Holland's Career Guidance Theory

The client characteristics included: gender, personality type (based on subjects' scores on the Vocational Preference Inventory), level of vocational identity and career decidedness, and degree of interest definition. The subjects were 102 individuals who sought assistance at a university-based career center.

After an initial interview, subjects completed the pre-forms and scheduled an appointment to use the SIGI PLUS computer system. Following their use of the system, subjects completed the post-forms and were debriefed by the researcher.

A regression analysis was conducted using client characteristics as the independent variables and ratings on a computer-assisted career guidance evaluation form as the dependent variable. Significant results were found for the personality type variable, with Social and Enterprising types rating the system lower on its ability to help them acquire self and occupational knowledge.

Although not significant at the.05 level, a similar relationship was found for persons with higher Vocational Identity scores. Further analysis of post-measures using t-tests revealed significant changes in subjects' vocational identity, need for occupational information and level of career decidedness after using SIGI PLUS.

Lenz (1990) concluded that the results of the study provided provide support for the positive impact of CACG systems on clients' career decision-making needs; further they were said to support Holland's theory, suggesting that attention to client personality characteristics and vocational identity level were warranted prior to their use of a computer-based career guidance system.

Holland's theory indicates that developmental events can have an affect on vocational preferences and theories because of their power to shape personality. This notion was tested as part of a study conducted by Jacobsen (1994) in order to examine the effect of using CHOICES, a computer-assisted career ...

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