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Henry V, King of England-"Shakespeare's play"

In terms of planning Henry had to make the best of two bad things. First, his force was smaller than the French army and, second, he was fighting away from home, deep in French territory. From the beginning he decided to minimize damage to his army. His argument with the Governor of Harfleur shows how he logically convinces the city to surrender in order to avoid being plundered. This saves men for Henry and ensures that the French whom he defeats along the way do not bear too much ill will toward him. His organization of the effort relies, in large part, on his policy in forbidding anyone to steal and requiring that everything be paid for and that the French people not be abused in any way by his men. This makes sense since it is his intention to rule over France, but it also tends to lower resistance among the people. For an army deep inside the enemy's territory it is important that it not find itself forced to fight for every scrap of food and save itself for more important battles. Another important aspect of his planning is that he makes his move all or nothing. By going into France and not staging a gradual war he has troops that, while they are small in number and not at their best, are still in better shape than they would be if they'd had to fight their way even more than they did.

Henry also exerts control over the situation by exerting control over himself. He has already rejected his old companions from his wild youth. He does this absolutely and without looking back. Then he does not hesitate to treat every problem that arises in the most logical manner. The execution of the traitors, the responses to the Dauphin's taunts, and the question of ransom a


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