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WORLD WAR II-"National War Strategy"

If we look at the beginning of the war prior to US involvement in foreign activity we get a clear example of how the dynamics operate on each level. The National Strategy was difficult to formulate because politics and policy, as mentioned, always dominate strategy. As such, even though President Roosevelt saw America as a world power that should intervene in Europe many Americans believed the US should continue to remain uninvolved and neutral in what they felt was Europe’s war. Roosevelt was fighting an isolationist constituency for a variety of reasons. Many felt America’s involvement in World War I was wrong, the Great Depression made many people feel money should be spent where it was greatly needed (on social programs) and Roosevelt inherited a fairly pacifist history of legislation upon entering office. Yet, Roosevelt felt protecting British and European interests remained crucial to American interests. He also saw America as a world power with a moral obligation in addition to the value self-interest. The end of the leaders in formulating strategy is to protect national interests and values but the value system in America was divided at the time, which would greatly impact the National Military Strategy. Roosevelt’s beliefs and values, not to mention a world theater growing grimmer daily, were on one hand, and on the other were the values fairly ingrained in the majority of Americans in 1939, “…arguments for a purely hemispheric national defense appealed to Americans on several grounds. They conformed to the country’s traditional bias against a large, standing, professional army; they justified opposition to public spending for defense; and they coincided with isolationist contentions that the United States had no vital interests to protect outside of the Americas” (Kirkpatrick 467).

The hesitancy (due to policy/politics divisions) on behalf of Roosevelt to formulate a national strategy objective (end...

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