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Ukraine's Struggle for Independence

The division between eastern and western Ukraine may be impacted by the elections in Russia, December of 1995. The Crimea wants to form its own separate state. The Russian citizens of Crimea, three-fourths of the population, want dual citizenship in both Russia and Ukraine. They also want to elect their own president. The Ukrainian Government wants only limited autonomy for the Crimea and a promise from Crimea not to secede from Ukraine. President Kuchma needs to succeed with negotiations before the Russian elections. The elections in Russia could change the leverage President Kuchma can employ to bring Crimea fully into Ukraine. The current government in Russia has said that the Crimea problem is for Ukraine to solve internally. A change in Russia's Government could potentially change Russia's liaise-faire attitude. If President Kuchma can negotiate an agreement with Crimea, then the economic revival should cause the level of dissension to subside to a point where Russian citizens of the Crimea will not demonstrate or fight. The structure of the Ukrainian election laws encourages the growth of many small independent political candidates. These independent candidates run on local agendas. There is little loyalty to a political party or a national agenda. The coalitions are loose and fluid. They change quickly and often on each agenda. The provincialism of Ukraine is an advantage politically; it makes it easier to make deals, but it is more difficult to create a stable majority in parliament. Ukraine's politicians are a close-knit community. The political community is small in size compared to the population. The head of the government is President Kuchma who was elected in a run-off election with slim majority of 52.1 percent of the votes cast. President Kuchma has succeeded in persuading the parliament to grant him most of the authoritative executive power he wanted in June. His election to office was help...

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