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Different Mutual Bond Issues between Nations

Scarcity of food, the inability to produce an adequate supply for a rapidly growing population, has often been blamed for the problem. But, as Collins notes, improvements in agriculture have produced an adequate supply of food. The problem is that governments, owners of the means of production, and the citizens of industrialized nations wish to use the food supply in ways that place it beyond the reach of the poor. The international debt crisis, the greed of owners, and the eating habits of wealthy societies all combine to produce world hunger.

Mexico provides a typical example of how all these factors have worked together to produce hunger in between 30 and 40 percent of the citizens of less-developed nations. Improved agriculture led to improved production. This meant that Mexican landowners were eager to expand the size of their farms. But they chose to produce the most profitable crops. Production of foods eaten by poor Mexicans (corn and beans) did not expand even when agricultural production was growing at a great rate. Instead feed crops for livestock increased in popularity among profit-centered landowners. Thus most of the increase in agricultural output was unavailable to the growing population because the food supply was beyond the reach of poor Mexicans, even in the form of the (very poor) return of calories from animal foods, which they could not afford.

In the 1980s the enormous debts accumulated by Mexico and most developing nations could not be repaid and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank would only make new loans to finance interest payments if Mexico (and others) followed the IMF's set of 'austerity' measures and raised currency for repayment by means of exports. Crops for livestock and crops for export became the focus of the agricultural sector and there was even less food available for the poor than there had been prior to the improvements in productivity. In addition, the auste...

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