Communist Empire in Eastern Europe in 1989 and 1990
Given the uncertainties of the contemporary global political environment, the relationship between the two most powerful military forces on earththe United States and Russiawill likely determine the political shape of the world for years to come (Ruttan, 1992, pp. 51-52). Within this context, the question that must be answered concerns the degree of collaboration and conflict that may be anticipated between countries, for the higher the level of collaboration, the lower the level of conflict, and the greater the probability of international political stability. The greater the probability, the likelihood that NATO will survive is lowered (Clarke, 1993, pp. 22-40).

International relations most often is thought of in terms of relations among nations, which largely are associated with conflict resolution, as conflict and disagreement "are endemic" in the contemporary international environment (Dale, 1993, pp. 28-29). Cooperation may be considered as a foundation of human civilization; however, cooperation in transnational conflict resolution has traditionally been noticeably absent in the conduct of international relations (Karatnycky, 1994, pp. 57-59). One need go no further back than the Gulf War in the latewinter of 1991 or the current conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and Israel for examples of conflicts resolved or in the process of bein

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