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The Relationship Between Personality and Sports Performance

Slusher concluded that football and wrestling groups displayed the most neurotic profiles of the five athlete groups and norm sample studied. Wrestlers had the lowest intelligence scores of all athlete groups. They were characterized by a "dominant neurotic profile" and demonstrated the only significantly-higher-than-normal score on the psychasthenis scale, suggesting a tendency toward abnormal fears, worry, and difficulties in concentration (obsessive-compulsive syndrome). In contrast, a study by Kroll (1967) also tested wrestlers using the 16PF and found no support to suggest wrestlers may possess a neurotic profile or that they were below average in intelligence, as suggested by the Slusher study.

Intercollegiate competitors in tennis and golf (Malumphy, 1971) appeared to be more intelligent, reserved, assertive, stable, and happy-go-lucky than their college peers. In addition, they may be more suspicious, casual, placid, and self-sufficient. McGill, Hall, Ratliff, and Moss (1986) had 52 cowboys complete four measures of stress, the 16PF, and the Health Attribution Test. Subjects were found to report positive life satisfaction and an internal attributional style; they also reported relatively high levels of stress. Professional cowboys were also found to be alert, enthusiastic, and forthright, as well as reality-based, self-sufficient, and practical. Striving and drivenness were also present, but they were not different form the general population in introversion.

Using the Personality Research Form, Clingman and Hilliard (1987) examined certain general personality characteristics of 290 adult endurance athletes who were participants in either a swimming meet, a bicycle race, a running race, or a triathlon. The athletes as a group differed from the general population on all seven selected PRF scales. Multivariate analysis revealed significant differences as a function of sport and gender. However, striking similari...

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