Description of Group
The rest of the group function mainly as investors and provide input at meetings, and vote on any major decisions to be made.

Although the day-tp-day decision-making is made on-site by the group leader according to what is happening there, major decisions regarding future projects and extension of current projects are made when the group meets as a whole, and are by popular vote.

The group was looked at from a sociological standpoint of the functioning of small groups and the differential roles of males and females in such groups. Since much of our communication is done via the computer, the role of communications via computer between in- and out-groups was also examined.

Richeson and Ambady looked at the interaction between males and females in social groups and found that gender bias occurs under certain conditions (493-505). In their study, males appeared to have negative bias towards women in authority positions, but more positive attitudes towards women in equal or subordinate positions. In my group, the leader and his diving partner are both males. The member doing the computer updates and myself are females, and it may be inferred that this is gender bias of a type, as there are three other male group members not actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the recovery efforts who could do the compute

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