Customer-Oriented Education
That is, open learning alludes to an approach which places student learning, needs and choice at the center of educational decision-making. Distance education refers to the practices which allow off-campus participation in educational programs” (Taylor et al. 6). One can see that this learn-centered approach is basically similar to the consumer-oriented approach many corporations have had to adopt in an increasingly global and competitive marketplace.

Technology has not only impacted aspects of the socioeconomic infrastructure it has inherently changed them-providing new paradigms and models for operation and production. Open learning encompasses flexibility, a flexibility that technology has empowered, one that provides increased openness in both off and on-campus delivery of educational programs. Common constraints, like geography, time and space are ameliorated or even eliminated because of the flexibility and openness afforded to education through technology. Such is the case with open learning and its main mode of delivery, education technology. It is not only creating a major impact on education, it is transforming the very nature of education itself. Different technological implications have shifted old models of education to new paradigms, attitudes and outlook. We could l

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