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How Potsdam Declaration Affected Japan

The Japanese were forced to develop new market strategies which depended on the export of manufactured goods these factories could produce.

The war destroyed 25 percent of the wealth of Japan. Much of this wealth was in the form of industrial plants. These plants needed to be rebuilt. The United States occupation was still in effect when the cold war with the Soviet Union erupted. Japan at this time was rewarded for containment of the communist threat with access to the latest in United States technological development. These destroyed industrial plants were constructed with the latest, most efficient technologies as a gift from the United States government.

The building of a representational government was accomplished by establishing a new constitution. The new constitution strengthened the Diet, stripped the emperor of his political authority, expanded voting rights, and expanded the local government's power, established sexual equality, and in Article 9, forbade the creation of an armed forces or the right to wage war. The new constitution gave the people rights and privileges that they had never experienced before. This new constitution also entrenched the idea and principles of democracy in Japan. Article 9 is important, since it forbids the creation of an army; this allows a greater portion of the GNP to be spent on programs other than defense. Japan spends less than I percent of its GNP on defense. The United States spends in excess of 5 percent of its GNP (figures from 1981). This allows Japan to invest a greater percentage of its GNP in infrastructure improvements. These improvements mean a greater efficiency for the economy of Japan and allow it to grow at a more rapid rate. The United States has borne the expense of defending itself and Japan leaving less money available for infrastructure improvements in the United States.

The rewriting of the constitution began the political reforms instituted by t...

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