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How Juan Peron Reshaped Argentina

The bulk of the essayists call for a more serious and in-depth analysis and appreciation of Peron's career and impact. For example, Turner writes that "Juan Peron was far more than the most important leader of Argentina in the twentieth century. In many ways, he was a prototypical figure of this century" (p. 3). Turner says that Peron was both idealistic and romantic, both autocratic and democratic --- in short, a combination of sometimes incongruous-opposites. Peron's "ideals were far grander than his lasting achievements; he sincerely wanted to improve the welfare of the least privileged members of his society. Yet, despite distributionist policies that made the poor unswervingly loyal to him, his economic initiatives spurred inflation and undercut the economic growth that might have been the surest aid to the lower classes in the long run" (p. 3).

Turner is aligned with many of the other writers in this book when he essentially argues that Peron's greatest appeal was based on his personality, while his greatest failures were similarly rooted in personal qualities: "Peron's failures were more prosaic than stupidity or cowardice: unfortunately, - - - he failed to understand economics and relied far too much on his own judgment. To the faithful, it is sacrilege to talk of a charismatic figure in


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