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How Juan Peron Reshaped Argentina

To the faithful, it is sacrilege to talk of a charismatic figure in these terms, but charisma, with all its appeal to the populace, may by its very nature cause a leader to overlook the necessity for careful planning and limitations on his own leadership" (p. 8).

Navarro notes that the same personal appeal was at the source of Peron's wife Evita's leadership, and it brought her the same enthusiastic praise and vociferous criticism. Navarro argues that Evita's true impact on Peronism as it developed, and on Argentina, has not been recognized, because her personality has so dominated examination of her political and social influence. Navarro writes that Evita had a great influence both on Peronism ("She allowed him to retain his charismatic leadership in tact (and) was instrumental in widening and strengthening the social basis of Peronism (with respect to) the working class") and on Argentine women ("Evita made politics a legitimate activity for Argentine women [and] she paved the way for the eventual candidacy of another woman, Isabel Martinez de Peron") (pp. 30-31).

Peron was able to maintain a loyalty among workers, despite the fact that he was able to deliver on only a limited number of his pledges to them. Wynia and D'Abate note this worker loyalty and D'Abate concludes his essay with these words: "Juan Peron, the movement that he led, and the growth of organized labor in Argentina have created a situation in which this message, this emphasis on social and economic quality and on assisting the deprived, cannot be ignored" (p. 73). Peron might not have been able to fulfill his promises to the workers, but the workers believed he was doing his best, and that he was the only leader speaking sincerely to their needs.

Donini's article on the relationship between Peron and the church reveals an ambiguity on the part of both parties. Peron was not above using church support whenever possible, but he was quick to turn his ba...

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