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Understanding U.S. Role in Afghanistan and the CIA

The U. S. continued to back Daud, despite his unpopularity with the people . However, Daud would not remain in power much longer. On April 17, 1978, Mir Akbar Khaibar, a member of PDPA, was assassinated, and Daud clamped down even further on PDPA members. This prompted a rebellion, and on April 27, the PDPA and the military collaborated to overthrow Daud and replace him with a socialist government. The socialist leanings of this government gave the U. S. a great deal of concern, and they weren't sure how to handle it. On the one hand, they didn't want to drive the new government further into the hands of the soviets, but on the other, they did not want the rest of the world to see this as a Soviet coup. As a result, they maintained ties to the government while simultaneously keeping in touch with the opposition.

In 1979, National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski warned President Carter that the Soviet Union, with its hundreds of advisors in Afghanistan, had territorial designs on the country, and possibly the whole region . CIA and State Department documents have revealed that starting in April 1979, the United States had begun meetings with representatives of the rebels. As a result of unrest and protests, the Afghanistan government had lost control of 23 of the 28 provinces, and in November 1979, the Soviets decided it was time to take action: tens of thousands of Soviet troops rolled into Afghanistan. Afghanistan became to the Soviet Union what Vietnam had been to the United States, and would end much the same way. The U. S. saw the Soviet invasion as defining their foreign policy as expansionist. The Defense Intelligence Agency stated that:

The key motivation that propelled Moscow's move was to

bring its long-standing strategic goals closer within

reach. Control of Afghanistan would be a major step

toward overland access to the Indian Ocean and to

domination of the Asian sub-continent.


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