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The Effects of Organizations to Flextime on Employee Productivity

10-12). Adequate child day care in the United States is expensive. Cost for such care range from approximately $2,600 per year to well over $15,000 per year (Hewlett, 1990). The national average for child day care is estimated at approximately $3,000 per year, dependent primarily on where one lives--city or country, industrial state or agricultural states, and so forth. For most parents of pre-schoolers in contemporary American society, the cost of adequate day care is a major problem. No responsible parent wants to leave their children with inadequate care. Yet, many mothers must work outside of the home, in order to survive economically--whether they are from middle or low income families, or whether they head single-parent families.

Child care and elder care problems experienced by employees can often be addressed effectively through alternative work week schedules to the standard 40-hour, five-day work week. Such schedules for both a husband and a wife provide significant flexibility in the development of care arrangements for children and elderly relatives.

Some organizations have found that the flexible work schedules have a positive impact on an organization's productivity, as well as having a positive impact on employee desires to remain with their organizations. Flexible work time schedules, however, require organizational changes for the firm implementing such a program. Higher levels of coordination are required than are required in organizations operating under a standard work week regime. The requirements of coordination associated with the flexible working hours, however, are more than compensated for through increased employee productivity.

Perhaps the greatest organizational benefits that may be derived from a policy permitting employees to opt for flexible working hours is an increase in employee job satisfaction, because higher levels of job satisfaction are typically associated with increased produ...

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