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Activist Protecting Animals

From wearing furs on a fashion show runway to cooking lobsters on live TV, PETA has used similar to tactics to prevent cruelty and abuse to animals. PETA not only uses outrageous tactics to promote their advocacy, but they also enlist the assistance of celebrity and big-name spokespeople to help their cause. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley have recently become spokespeople speaking out in PETA’s behalf against animal testing in the cosmetic industry and against those who wear real fur. Both Vogue Magazine and Calvin Klein have gone no-fur because of the often intimidating tactics of PETA. As Paul Wilmont, a spokesman for Vogue, stated “They had bullhorns and they started this sort of chant, at a very, very loud level. They were so in people’s faces, wanting people to push them away…it was pretty horrible” (Oldenburg 01).

PETA is well-versed in the use of the media to push home its point. On one NBC Today show, PETA had a man dressed in a lobster suit show up to protest the day after live lobsters were cooked in a television demonstration. PETA consist of approximately 100 paid staff who are all vegetarians and passionate about the cause. The activists often demonstrate at fashion shows by showing up wearing real furs that are smeared in blood. Where do the furs come from? They are given to the group by former owners who have been converted by the awareness campaigns of PETA. PETA, like many extreme activist groups, makes no apologies about its tactics or


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