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Activist Protecting Animals

They were so in people’s faces, wanting people to push them away…it was pretty horrible” (Oldenburg 01).

PETA is well-versed in the use of the media to push home its point. On one NBC Today show, PETA had a man dressed in a lobster suit show up to protest the day after live lobsters were cooked in a television demonstration. PETA consist of approximately 100 paid staff who are all vegetarians and passionate about the cause. The activists often demonstrate at fashion shows by showing up wearing real furs that are smeared in blood. Where do the furs come from? They are given to the group by former owners who have been converted by the awareness campaigns of PETA. PETA, like many extreme activist groups, makes no apologies about its tactics or zeal. As one spokesman for PETA, Dan Matthews, growls “We’re a movement, not a Tupperware part” (Oldenburg 01).

Others who believe PETA goes too far and uses overzealous tactics disagree. Many in the biomedical research community argue against PETA’s fanaticism. They argue that without being able to use animals to conduct research there would be few medical breakthroughs intended to help human beings. As Debra Cavalier, president of the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, complains “Extremists. Zealots with a religious fervor. There is virtually no medical breakthrough of the last century which hasn’t depended in whole or in part on animal research. Until an alternative is found by state and regulatory agencies, we must test” (Oldenburg 01).

Many argue that animals have no rights in reaction to PETA’s efforts. Somewhere in between the two extremes a balance must exist, but many still argue that PETA goes too far in its tactics, like pelting people with bologna at an anti-meat demonstration. Others feel that PETA goes way overboard in their efforts, like their recent attempts to stamp out sport fishing. One of their more melodramatic statements r...

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