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Autobiography: Buonaccorso Pitti and Gregorio Dati

In Dati’s autobiographical account of the era, we see insights into the manner and mode of the politics of the day, one that was heavily dependent on the military. Military pride was great in Florence as societies were basically military-oriented in this era, so serving the state was an envious position. It was an honor to serve the republic, as we see from Dati’s account of his selection to the Militia Company “My name was drawn at Standard-bearer of the Militia Company. Up until then I had not been sure whether my name was in the purses for that office, although I was eager that it should be both for my own honor and that of my heirs” (Dati 125).

However, these diaries also tell us a great deal about the men who wrote them. We see that Dati is a humble, god-fearing, individual who has his own set of principles. Perhaps we see this most clearly when, despite how much of an honor it is for him to be selected to his post with the Militia Company he determines in his own deliberation that he will never be able to accept a post if it means he will have to make decisions that involve capital punishment. We also see in his rejection of such a post that he is a man of discipline, one who controls his passions and ambitions, but we also see that he is a man who only respects himself if he earns his own way:

I shall abide by God’s will, accepting those offices of the guilds or Commune for which my name shall be draw, and not refusing labor but serving and doing what good I may. In this way I shall restrain my own presumption and tendency towards ambition and shall live in freedom without demeaning myself by begging favors from any. And if I should depart from this resolve, I condemn myself each time to distribute two gold florins in alms within a month.

Pitti’s diary is also quite revealing about the man himself. His accounts of politics and the political scene in Florence during this era demonstrate his elitist a...

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