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Concerns for Emigration to the U.S.

Eventually, they are deported. The argument of Anderson is that, if lower-cost workers are encouraged to become illegal immigrants, the families of these workers should be allowed to follow the workers to the United States.

Casse, D. (2004, February). Is Bush A Conservative? Commentary, 117(2), 19-26.

One of the issues that Casse deals with in this article is the immigration policies of the current Bush Administration. Casse points out that the recently announced policy to grant permanent resident status to illegal immigrants who have been in the country for five years, have a job, and have not been in trouble with the law is the antithesis of the typical stated positions of political conservatives on the issue. Because the motivation for the policy may be to woo Hispanic voters for the Bush cause in the 2004 general election does not alter general conservation opposition to granting permanent resident status to illegal immigrants.

Krikorian, M. (2004, January 26). Amnesty again: This country should have learned รน apparently, it has not. National Review, 56(1), 4-10.

Krikorian, writing in the right-wing National Review, clearly states the conservative position against immigration to the United States generally and opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States specifically. Krikorian, belatedly for upper economic strata conservatives, also recognizes that low-cost workers who displace American workers will eventually reduce the American economy to a two-tiered, Third World type of economy.

Simes, D. K. (2003, November-December). America's imperial dilemma. Foreign Affairs, 82(6), 91-99.

Simes discusses immigration policy in the United States within the context of the current imperial policies of the nation. In both economics and politics, the United States is behaving as an imperials power. The United States wants the support of foreigners in this role that it envisions for


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