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6). She sees Muslim fundamentalist suicide-bombers and their supporters as conducting an assault on Western values, such as the equality of all persons before the law, which is threatened by the claim by Islamic extremists that Muslims are superior to others and their suppression of women's rights. She says that "within radical Islamism, women are unclean persons, who must be kept hidden, covered entirely, and made subordinate" (p. 39). She also warns about the threat posed by the assertion that Islamic law or shar'ia should govern, which runs counter to the Western tradition of separation of church and state. She says "the history of Islam shows an affinity for theocracy that never took root in the West" (p. 30). The other value which militant Islam threatens is peace itself, what St. Augustine called tranquilo ordinis. Referring to the chaos which has engulfed failed states in which terrorism is endemic, such as Somalia, she says "organized force, fighting under rules of engagement in order to minimize civilian casualties, can help to create the safe surround that permits civic peace . . . to flourish" (p. 54).

She compares Al-Qaeda's "culture of death" with Nazi racism and atrocities which leading Christian realistic theologians such as Paul Tillich and Reinhold Niebuhr condemned in the 1940s (p. 104). She is particularly critical of intellectuals and religious leaders who excuse Bin Laden's actions on the grounds that Western imperialism is the cause of Arab/Muslim discontent and that the West is deserving of retaliation from the very same fundamentalists whom we trained and financed in Afghanistan during the 1980s. She cites Niebuhr's opposition to "a sentimentalized Christianity whose adherents have reduced the complexity of the Christian message to slogans that exalt alleged victims, encourage condemnation of responsible authorities and traffic in attention-setting breast-beating" (p. 110). She criticizes "many Catholic and e...

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