Sexually Abused Girls
So that the conducted study may be fully understood, the following key terms are here defined:

Juvenile Delinquency - Schwartz (1997) defines juvenile delinquency as two types of law violations committed by minors: (1) that which is illegal for both youths and adults such as homicide, rape, theft,or selling drugs; and (2) status offenses consisting of ungovernable behavior that is illegal until the age of adulthood, such as truancy, runaway, alcohol use, or teen sexual relations. In this study, delinquency was operationalized as being placed on probation for one of these types of offenses by the Wayne County Juvenile Court.

Sexual Abuse - Sexual abuse is defined by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1998) in terms of several inappropriate physical behaviors inflicted on children including: sexual touching and fondling, exposing children to adult sexual activity or pornographic movies and photographs, having children pose, undress or perform in a sexual fashion on film or in person, peeping into bathrooms or bedrooms to spy on a child, committing or trying to commit rape on a child. The Academic further notes that sexual abuse of a child involves forcing, tricking, bribing, threatening or pressuring a child into sexual awareness or activity, and involving an older or more knowledgeable child using a child for sexual pleasure. In the conducted study, sexual abuse is operationalized in terms of self-report data; that is,

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