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Sexually Abused Girls

The final sample was comprised of 1,000 students attending seventh or eighth grade in 1988. Data were collected through separate interviews with adolescents and caretakers. The child maltreatment measure was based on information from Child Protective Services records. Five indicators of maltreatment were used, prevalence and frequency of maltreatment, duration, number of types of maltreatment, and total severity score.

Outcome measures included official measures of number of police contacts as a juvenile or arrests as an adult and self-report of delinquency from eighth through twelfth grades. Delinquency indices were general, serious, moderate, minor, and violent delinquency. Results revealed a significant relationship between child maltreatment occurring before age 12 and subsequent self-reported and official delinquency. The relationship was strongest for the more serious forms of delinquency.

In another study, Miller (1995) examined the profiles of adolescent female offenders in the literature. Based on an extensive examination, Darcy concluded that one of the most frequent background factors present in these proficiencies was childhood sexual abuse.

Two delinquent behaviors, drinking and drug use, were investigated by Watts and Ellis (1993) in a survey of adolescent females (n=1,324) in grades 7 through 12 in order to examine for relationships between these behaviors and sexual abuse. Findings indicated that girls who reported sexual molestation were more likely to have used number of drugs. Moreover, significantly correlations for younger girls between sexual molestation and delinquency were found.

Similar findings were reported in earlier work conducted by Dembo (1987) who examined for relationships between child physical and sexual abuse and illicit drug use in youths in a juvenile detention center. Results showed that, for both sexes, sexual victimization had a primarily direct effect on drug use, whereas ph...

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