Effect on Early Childhood Education
The Carnegie study outlined the blueprint for academic success, one that begins by offering all American children access to two years of quality preschool learning. Many studies available in the literature support the Carnegie contention with empirical evidence. One study on 3- to 5-years-olds at the University of North Carolina, conducted on 418 children in four states, suggested that there were definite academic and behavior benefits reported in later learners who had experience preschool in a high quality program, “Preschoolers in good day-care centers have better academic skills and fewer behavior problems by second grade than those in poor-quality child care. By age 8, preschoolers who had been in high-quality centers—safe, stimulating and nurturing—had better math skills than peers in poor or mediocre preschool care. Among those with above-average math scores, 55% had attended centers rated in the top half for quality; 45% of good math achievers came from lesser-quality centers” (Elias, 1999, 01D).

Because of the positive results of many studies in this vein, many states are beginning to promote programs that assure equal access to preschool programs for those who are disadvantaged economically. One program in Kentucky has served more than 21,000 students since its inception, a program

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