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Effect on Early Childhood Education

The data does state that is happening” (Morgan, 1997, S12).

The literature also suggests that students with special needs also benefit from preschool programs in both academic and behavior measures. Special needs children often have more difficulty integrating into the mainstream curricula and their disability can make them experience behavior issues as a result of the insensitivity or inappropriateness of non-disabled students. However, a great deal of the research suggests that there have been too few studies conducted to determine the effectiveness of preschool programs. Yet, a study conducted at Fordham University suggests that there is a profound statistical increase in the rate of learning for children who experience high quality preschool programs, and the study also indicates that even when special needs children remain in special needs programs in k-12 they still adjust better if they experienced a high quality preschool program before entering kindergarten, “Preschool officials argue that even if many children stay in special education as they enter kindergarten, they would have had more problems without the early intervention. Little has been done by either public or private agencies to study the effectiveness of preschool programs. One agency, Variety, studied development of its students over time and concluded they could demonstrate improvement. Variety’s research, in conjunction with Fordham University, found a ‘statistically significant increase’ in rates of learning for 126 children observed between 1993 and 1995,” (Markon, 1997, A04).

There are many studies in the literature that support the increased rates of learning and the higher level of academic preparedness in students who have experiences a high quality preschool program. However, it appears from the many articles in support of preschool in the literature that time spent in preschool also greatly benefits children in later school years w...

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