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Equal Access to Quality Education

In addition, the Court ruled students who published a Christian publication at the University of Virginia had the same right to government subsidies as those publishing other magazines. Added to these decisions, the Court also rule it was legal for tutors who received federal subsidies to teach students in either public or parochial schools. As Chief Justice William H. Reinquist said in the matter involving the deaf student, “A general government program that distributes benefits neutrally to any qualifying child does not violate the 1st Amendment simply because some children use the money in a parochial school” (Savage 3).

The program is designed to aid the poor, and most of the families who have opted to take advantage of the vouchers have been African American. These same African American families have chosen to send their children to primarily parochial schools. The programs have been carried out in Wisconsin, Texas, New York and other states. The vouchers must be signed by the parents but are directly given to the schools. In the Milwaukee program, to qualify, a single parent must make no more than $14,000 per year and a family of four no more than $28,000 (Savage 2). However, many groups that would normally favor a program designed to aid the poor and African Americans have come down against federally funded school vouchers. For example, the national teachers union, the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP, and the People for the American Way have all appealed the Wisconsin decision to the Supreme Court. Still many are convinced the concept is not only a violation of the 1st Amendment, but that it also is destructive to the development of public education, “School vouchers are decried by teachers unions as a stake through the heart of public education. Many civil libertarians chime in, saying that, if vouchers are distributed by a government agency to a faith-based school, they make a mockery of the Bil...

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