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Private School Choice

Just because some choose to send their children to a religious school does not violate this constitutional right from their perspective. The state courts seem to agree at this time on the matter. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin upheld a newly passed law that “allows parents of low-income parents in Milwaukee to get some public funding when they choose private schooling for their children. Most of the parents using the option are black, and most of them have chosen parochial schools” (Key School 1).

The nation’s highest court did not agree with this line of thinking nearly three decades ago when it struck down a law in New York that allowed state funded vouchers to poor parents, mainly because of their use in religious schools. However, the Supreme Court veers more firmly to the right with every decision it makes in the 1990s, and is certainly more conservative than it was in the early 1970s. The issue is expected to reach the Supreme Court and be upheld as it was in Wisconsin. The growing conservatism of the Court is one reason given for this expectation, as well as many decisions since 1993 which lead onlookers to believe the Supreme Court will uphold federally funded private school vouchers. For example, the Court ruled favorably that it was legal for federal funds to be used to pay for a sign-language tutor for a


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