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Online Shopping is Safer and More Secure to Consumers

However, baby boomers represent the most affluent market segment in the United States today and are significantly more likely than other market niches to have a home computer, shop online, and make major purchases on a regular basis. Consequently, Polyak (2000) contends that marketers in the changing world of e-commerce must wake up to the fact that older consumers can only be reached via multiple media channels with multiple purchases.

Ha (2002) as well as Boyd (2002) discussed the security concerns of online shoppers and potential shoppers. These researchers and others reported that online buyers are also concerned about security issues when making online purchases. Though many consumer concerns regarding the inherent safety of financial transactions online have been resolved through the development of sophisticated encryption programs, many consumers require additional assurance that their financial data will be held in confidence. Other security issues that were identified by Mauldin and Arunachalam (2002) focus on retailer disclosures, information risk, product risk, and familiarity with the retailer and the product.

Generally, Mauldin and Arunachalam (2002) found that intent to purchase rather than merely browsing online increases in direct association with a sense of security and comfort. Retailers who offer their products online are therefore advised to emphasize product disclosure and retailer disclosure and reduced information risk in their e-commerce sites. Though most online retailers do provide clear descriptions of security procedures, some Internet shoppers still avoid using credit cards online. Overcoming resistance to this fear is one of the key tasks that must be undertaken in order to make an e-commerce site a success.

There is evidence that security remains an important concern for online shoppers. Privacy concerns, according to Mauldin and Arunachalam (2002), continue to shape many important as...

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