Online Shopping is Safer and More Secure to Consumers
A survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association in 2000, described by Beardi (2000), found that despite the real time benefits of Internet marketing, marketers in this medium insist on using traditional direct mail to drive transactions to the Web. However, consumers who are interested in e-commerce as a primary shopping venue are less and less driven to the Internet by non-Internet marketing strategies. It is argued by Beardi (2000) that the Internet is changing the way that consumers behave.

Keller (2001) also believes that there are clear, coherent, and consistent patterns of change in consumer behavior linked to online shopping. A concept known as recentering is redefining the consumer landscape. Recentering translates into a quest for a more balanced life and into a higher level of knowledge on the part of consumers who now regard value as more critical than price. In such a climate, Keller (2001) argues that consumer loyalty will need to be earned over and over again.

Online shoppers are recognized by Keller (2001) and Girard, Silverblatt and Kargaonkar (2002) as driven by the desire for greater time and greater flexibility. Nearly 7 in 10 Americans regularly bring home takeout food. Three in 10 talk on a cell phone while riding in cars, and consumers in all socioeconomic brackets need incr

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