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Internet and dot-com companies

Those who manufacture technology products will continue to see a decline in sales as new technologies emerge and old ones become cumbersome and obsolete. Further, even for those industries which will greatly benefit from further Internet and Web develop must rethink their strategies and policies in light of the fact that overnight riches from the Internet may be a thing of the past “Even in areas where the Internet can play a central role, the big changes are not going to come overnight, as investors have found to their chagrin” (Mandel and Hof 119).

Finally, the implications of the slow progress of the Internet means that its original promises and original expectations of it were set too high. As Mandel and Hof (122) note “Every breakthrough technology over the last 200 years affected some areas of the economy more than others”. Therefore, those companies that have invested heavily in the Internet as a means of productivity and revenue generation but are in an industry where only incremental progress will be seen from Internet technologies must rethink their policies, strategies, and investment scheme. Only now that the Internet is leaving its infancy stages is it recognizable that while some industries will benefit greatly from its use, others will be well-advised to use it as a complimentary tool for competition not a replacement of traditional methods.

Mandel, M. J., and Hof. R. D. Rethinking the Internet. BusinessWeek. March 26, 2001, 117-122.


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