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Roger and Me

Moore’s film is certainly playfully sadistic as he bashes everyone with equal abandon, from celebrities brought to town to cheer up the good folks of Flint to the woman who skins rabbits who comes off as just plain weird herself. Film critic Pauline Kael wrote a scathing review of the film herself in which she accused Moore of “gonzo demagoguery…whereby members of the audience can laugh at ordinary working people and still feel like they’re taking a politically correct position” (Grant and Sloniowski 397). Moore himself takes on the role of the average Joe, when it reality it is a disguise for his particular brand of wit—a working-class sorehead with an attitude ax to grind. The ax is aimed at everyone, especially the CEO of GM, Smith. Moore’s camera is in-your-face cinema as he crashes Smith’s office, his yacht club, his athletic club, and he even finds his way into a GM annual stockholder meeting before his microphone is cut dead. Smith nails his own coffin as he comes off like a real-life Scrooge reading A Christmas Carol in a scene where he is the personification of heartless capitalist greed and callousness. Other damning indictments of corporate America come from scenes wherein Reverend Robert Schuller (who was paid thousands of dollars to lift the spirits


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