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Case Analysis: Major Clinical Depression Plan

The treatment will focus on educating Mrs. Lopez about the events which triggered her depression and PTSD and emphasize the development through positive reinforcement of appropriate schemas which will permit Mrs. Lopez to avoid relapse. The general treatment goal of CBT is to reduce symptoms by uncoupling the pairing between the stimulus events and their replication and the depressive or anxiety response.

The interventions as listed above will include assisting Mrs. Lopez in identifying those internal and external environmental triggers that lead her to abuse drugs, contemplate suicide, and otherwise engage in risk-taking behaviors.

Group therapy will be employed to assist Mrs. Lopez in creating a support network (Najavits, Weiss, & Liese, 1996). Visual aids, education for the patient role, teaching for generalization, and teaching of functional behavior and self-control skills to manage overwhelming affects will be incorporated into the group and individual CBT.

CBT was selected because it offers a comprehensive strategy for assisting the client in identifying, changing, and stopping negative thoughts. It also, properly used, helps patients to address causal or precipitating events and reframe those experiences in a mor


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