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The Effect of Self-concealment on Domestic Violence

For this study, Toro et al. list a study limitation of their investigation to be the small sample size. Although attempts were made to include non-homeless (poor housed), the group was small (n=54). Despite these limitations, the finding that a large percentage of the homeless were domestic violence victims, and that this group tended not to be receiving help in the form of public benefits, lends credence to the proposed study.

Toro and Wall (1991) also studied the homeless, to determine diagnostic comparisons. For their study, 76 homeless adults were interviewed over one year. The authors found that substance abuse is prominent in the homeless population and that mental illness is also a problem. Surprising results also demonstrated that this group tended to have regular contact with their family members. For this study, different assessment techniques were used and each yielded different results, which was a problem and limitation of the study. For example, lowest estimates of mental illness were obtained from psychiatric hospitalization in the past 6 months or from DSM-III diagnosis. Additionally it has been determined that rates based on diagnostic interviews with a single encounter tend to underestimate mental illness for this group. Another study limitation was the small sample size (Toro & Wall).

Walker (1999) report on domestic violence around the world, stating that issues confronting psychologists tend to be similar for each country. Regarding incidence and prevalence, reliable statistics are lacking, yet no country has reported an absence of this abuse. It is also stated that the biggest risk factor for becoming a victim of violence is that of being a woman. The UN conference on Women in 1975 made violence against women the highest priority. In 1994, APA's President chose this topic as part of the special presidential task force theme. The APA Task Force on Violence and the Family defined domestic violenc...

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