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School crime

Further if we look at statistics from the late 1970s and compare them with statistics from the late 1990s on school violence, we can see that white and black prevalence rates of violence in school is similar and, that, despite a plethora of alarmist literature, violence rates appear to be at similar or lower levels save for an increase in the 1985-1995 period. The following statistics show the percentage of high school seniors who reported being victimized at school by type of victimization and race-ethnicity; the results of a study conducted by the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan Survey Research Center:

Had Property Injured Threatened Injured Threatened

Something deliberate- with a with a without a without a stolen ly damaged weapon weapon weapon weapon

White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black White Black

1976 38.9 35.9 25.1 30.1 5.0 7.8 11.4 16.3 13.2 14.3 21.2 24.2

1977 40.4 32.8 24.3 21.0 4.0 8.1 11.0 19.7 10.6 11.4 20.2 24.2

1996 37.6 43.2 25.2 26.0 3.7 9.8 12.3 17.1 11.2 15.7 21.9 21.9

1997 37.6 42.8 25.5 18.8 4.3 7.1 9.6 13.7 12.0 11.1 22.4 19.3

Despite the lack of significant data with respect to race/ethnicity as a predictor of crime, the American mentality and law enforce policies often appear to target race/ethnicity as a predictor of crime. According to the Surgeon General, “Self-reports reveal small differences between African American and white youths. Arrest records, on the other hand, reveal large differences....The probability of being arrested for a violent offense varies with race/ethnicity” (Report, 2002, 1). In fact, much of the violence that occurs in schools is an exchange of violence based on race, gender, or sexual orientation. In a recent report, a Los Angeles County commission disclosed that hate crimes in schools jumped 15 percent in 1998, nearly “two-thirds of these crimes were committed at elementary, middle, and high sch...

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