Sculpture & Culture of the Roman Era
In this Stele we see the simplistic style of Mesopotamian sculpture once more, but we also see the way monarchs were honored and admired by the culture. It is no accident the king is perched on a mount high above his military warriors (See King Narram URL).

Egyptian sculptures also depict deities, kings (pharaohs), and celebrations of military victory. Like Mesopotamian sculptures, Egyptian sculptures are not lifelike but idealized representations. Images show immobile features and always use the frontal pose in all depictions. The Seated Scribe from his mastaba at Saqqara shows the immobile expression and frontal pose popular with Egyptian sculptures. It also shows us that the Egyptians had reverence for scholars and chronicling history. So, too, the painted limestone figure of the writer reveals that the Egyptian culture was fond of color and adornment. The skin of the writer is bronze (See Scribe URL). The body shows a more realistic portrayal of anatomy than the sculptures produced by Mesopotamian culture.

The Bearded Statue of Queen Hatshepsut demonstrates that Egyptian culture created elaborate and enormous sculptures which most often were used to decorate the palaces and burial tombs of high ranking officials and the pharaohs. The Bearded Statue of Queen Hatshepsut definitely demonstrates the tendencies in Egyptian sculptures to largesse, use of the frontal pose, and immobile facial expressions (See Queen URL). We see

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