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Jerry Maguire

In the film Jerry Maguire, the relationship between Jerry and his football-playing client develops along the lines of a memo Jerry had written to his firm. He had suggested making major changes in the way the company did business, asking that they accept fewer clients and give those clients better and more personal service. When Jerry ends up with his one client, it is more by accident than design--he had intended to have an even bigger client to support his business, but that client jumped ship. Over time, the relationship between Jerry and his client becomes one that goes beyond business for both, and each of them learns that the process of their work and their ability to nurture interpersonal relationships are more important than the big money they have been pursuing.

Jerry's personal life and his professional life are closely related, and he learns the same lesson in his personal life he does in his professional one. He has been something of a womanizer, but he is planning at the beginning of the film to marry the prize package of the profession, a woman even more ambitious than he. She sticks with him only so long as he seems to be on the fast track, and then she turns against him, seeing him as a loser.

Jerry next pursues the young woman who comes with him to his new office to be his secretary, but he does so less because he has real feelings for her than because she is available. Actually, he does have re


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