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Jerry Maguire

If a company makes use of a strategy that proves effective, then the strategy itself becomes part of the corporate culture. The word culture is taken to refer to the total system of beliefs, values, strategies, and activities identified with a given organization. The corporate culture defines that organization and provides members with a sense of what can and cannot be done, of their own place in the organization, of what is expected of them, and of what they can expect from the organization. A corporate culture is shaped by the values, attitudes, and beliefs of the individuals who are part of the organization, and these values become embodied in the organization itself and are expressed as part of the mission statement and other formal policies governing corporate actions (Treece 494-498). A corporate culture is also always in the process of change (Clampitt 51), and Maguire's attempt to bring change is therefore not that unusual.

Corporate culture constitutes the reasons why an organization does what it does, and the culture is evident in the values and business principles preached and practiced by management. The culture is also evident in the ethical standards and ethical policies of the organization; in its stakeholder relationships with employees, unions, stockholders, vendors, and the communities in which it operates; in the traditions maintained by the organization; in its supervisory practices; and even in the attitudes and behavior of employees. The beliefs and practices that so define an organization can originate from any source. They can come from one influential individual, a work group, a department, a division, management, or the work force itself. It is most likely that many components will be associated with a founder or other early leader who articulates them as a company philosophy, a rigid set of principles to which the organization is to adhere. The culture of a company is the product of internal soc...

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