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General "Colin Powell"-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

He loved people. he would do anything to help them (Means 30).

The Powells moved to Hunts Point in the Bronx, then a largely Jewish neighborhood. It was also a safe place to live and work in the era just after World War II. Within a decade, though, the Jewish nature of the area would disappear as people made more money and moved on to other areas. This had been a fringe and nearly rural community, and now it found itself a decaying part of the inner city. The Powells had been among the first blacks to move out of harlem and into Hunts Point, and now they moved along with their Jewish neighbors and so got out of the South Bronx before that region decayed entirely:

Today . . . the neighborhood is about three percent Caucasian, seventy-five percent Hispanic, and the rest African-American. But the percentages tell only a minor part of the story, As Hunts Point changed complexion, its economic base crumbled, and with that came a catalogue of nearly every ill that can befall an urban area, nearly all of them magnified to the breaking point (Means 32).

By the time Luther died of cancer in 1978, his son was a full colonel in the United States Army, and within a year he would be a General. In 1991, Colin returned to the South Bronx as one of the most celebrated military leaders in modern history, and it was then he visited Morris high School and urged the students to stay in class. he notes that the army today demands a diploma because the person who earned it is "somebody who will stick to the task given" (Means 35). This is also a lesson he learned from his parents.

Colin Powell married his wife, Alma, in 1962 before his first tour in vietnam. Before he left, the two moved to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, while Powell took a six-week training course at the Army's Special Warfare Center. In December of that year, he left for Southeast Asia while his wife stayed with her parents in Birmingham:

in effect, Colin and alma P...

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