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1980 Directorial Debut of Actor Robert Redford

ôFamily therapists look for two things when a family crisis occurs: what went on in the families or origin, and what happened in the earlier stages of family lifeö (Rhodes & Wilson 215).

One of the dynamics of the Jarrett family is that Buck was the motherÆs favorite, and probably the fatherÆs as well. Beth felt that Buck was more like her, and after his death she started to resent Conrad, the son who survived the boating accident. Both brothers were on a lake when their boat tipped over, and Buck fell beneath the water and died. BethÆs unresolved emotional attachment to her dead son adversely impacts her relationship with her surviving son, as well as with her husband. A cold person in general, she becomes even more withdrawn after BuckÆs death. An interesting comment is made by Calvin that neither Beth nor Conrad cried at BuckÆs funeral. Conrad attempts to deal with his depression and grief by entering psychotherapy with the psychiatrist Dr. Berger (Judd Hirsch), and as his mental and emotional state improves, he tries to get closer to his pare


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