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Classroom Setting for Emotionally Disturbed Children

However, there are many negative consequences to time-outs, such as it being seen as punishment, it being seen as an escape from undesirable tasks, and that it does not provide alternate positive behavior strategies to the student. In their study, Costenbader and Reading-Brown did not find time-outs were an effective method for controlling behavior in emotionally disturbed students.

Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effects need particular attention in the classroom. Their environment is particularly important and plays a vital role in their ability to function. These children experience a heightened level of sensory stimulation from the environment from which they need to be shielded (UCHSC, 2003). They need to operate within clearly defined visual boundaries and have a high need for organization. Masking tape can be used by teachers to mark clearly the working space for each student, particularly when they are working in learning pods or in groups at a table. Masking tape can also be placed around a student...

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